Pandora’s Box with Kaleah
Dissolving the Toxic Bond

Dissolving the Toxic Bond

June 24, 2014

What is the difference between cutting the psychic cords and dissolving the toxic bond?  Nothing really.  It is a different perspective and another way of understanding the energetic connection when it takes a dark or negative turn.

We bond with each other through love, a connection that includes fondness, respect, empathy, caring, concern and other “love like qualities.”  But when fear creeps in there is a need to control, to be in control, to avoid being hurt, to avoid feeling uncomfortable by invoking those emotional charges that don’t feel very good. The more reactive one becomes to those feelings of fear and discomfort the more toxic the relationships becomes.  We then become corded to the other through a toxic connection. 

How do you dissolve these kinds of toxic connections?  Tune in to find out.

This is Part 5 of "Super Charging Your Inner-Chi" summer series.

Soul Recovery and Soul Retrieval

Soul Recovery and Soul Retrieval

June 17, 2014

Part Three of "Supercharge Your Inner-Chi"

Our soul is the part of us that is eternal; the part of us that occupies our body when we are born and leaves when we die.  But when our soul flees while we are still alive we can feel like a shell of a person because; well, we are.

What happens when our soul flees?  Is our soul really stolen or lost?  If so how do we get it back?

In this episode of Pandora's Box we will explore these questions and learn tools and techniques to take back your power, your energy, your soul. 

The Energy Vibration of Love

The Energy Vibration of Love

June 3, 2014

The highest energy vibration on the planet is the energy of love.  Love is often deeply misunderstood.  We come to believe love hurts when in reality, love heals.  it is the lack of love that hurts.  In this episode of Pandora's Box, Kaleah talks about LOVE and how choosing the path of love and the path of the heart is the highest path one can walk. 

Find out how you can raise your energy vibration, heal your heart and heal your life through an active practice of Self Love.

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