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A Modern Day Merlin! Discover the Healing Magic of the Guided Passage.

A Modern Day Merlin! Discover the Healing Magic of the Guided Passage.

April 8, 2009

This is a show you won't want to miss. I am currently going through the "Guided Passage" program myself and will be talking about my experiences and sharing the magic with Bradley!

Bradley Falk has been a spiritual healer for over 30 years. Bradley's pragmatic use of spirituality and magic and the absence of "new-agey speak", set him apart from every other spiritual teacher in these times. In his private healing practice, he has worked upon a single person within a single five-hour session. Bradley's extraordinary rate of spiritual healing success has much to do with his focus—he works on his client's forever parts. His book/audio CD, Guided Passage, captures the real, transformational healing magic of his single-day sessions.

Bradley–who was born on Halloween–describes himself as A Swedish farm boy from Minnesota born into the Merlin Archetype. His last name Falk translates in Swedish to falcon. Likewise, Merlin in Old Welsh (spoken in Wales, where the most-famous Merlin is presumed to have been born) translates to falcon.

Throughout the ages, indigenous storytellers have woven the archetype of Merlin. A Merlin is: a spiritual healer; a man able to move others into a trance-like state at will; a bard and musician; a shaman able to locate and bring out divine elements in people they were not even aware they possessed; a spiritual teacher who innately knows what those in his times need; and most importantly, a magician able to call upon and move real magic.

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