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The Root of All Healing:  Seven Steps to Healing Anything with Misa Hopkins

The Root of All Healing: Seven Steps to Healing Anything with Misa Hopkins

December 16, 2009

In this ground-breaking book, named the first aid handbook for the 21st Century, Hopkins compassionately reveals the reason people don't get well—even when you have tried a variety of treatments and solutions. She shows you how illness can actually meet subconscious needs. Then, without promoting any particular healing method or practice, teaches you ways to align conscious and sub-conscious desires—awakening you to a new level of results . A must read if you are dedicated to your healing and happiness.

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Emergence!  A New CD by Kaleah

Emergence! A New CD by Kaleah

December 2, 2009

Join Kaleah as she celebrates the release of her new CD "Emergence!"

Emergence is the process of awakening for humanity! Awakening is a rebirth! It comes with great pain and struggle as we press our wings against the thick webbing of the cocoon.

Before we come into this world we must die to the old form and retreat into darkness, into the womb of transformation. It is here we confront the ego illusion, a world created from our fear, our pain, our sense of inadequacy and worthlessness.

It is here we confront our relationship with possessions and the things of this world.

We take Innana's journey through the seven gates into the underworld and as we pass through each gate we shed another skin, another belief, another attachment!

A hauntingly beautiful ethereal voice singing the songs of awakening! Powerful chants, tones and keyboard melodies in the language of light capturing something ancient and eternal within. Emergence is a rebirth of the self into its new form. It is the rebirth of a planet into the Golden Age.

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