Pandora’s Box with Kaleah

About Kaleah

November 22, 2019

Kaleah has been broadcasting since 2008 when she launched the radio show "Dispelling the Myths" on Sedona Talk Radio and Blog Talk Radio.  Dispelling the Myths became Pandoras Box Radio in January 2012.  All previous shows have been imported to Kaleah's Podbean page and are accessible in the archives.

Kaleah's background is in Spiritual Psychology, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Shamanism.  She is an author and a seasoned musician with three musical CD's and four books.

Kaleah began her counseling and hypnotherapy career in 1988 in Bellingham, Washington and revived her counseling and hypnotherapy practice in 2007 after writing her first book "Spiritual Recovery from Narcissistic Abuse."  She has since become one of the worlds leading authorities on the topic of narcissistic abuse and has written four books dealing with the topic of narcissistic abuse and recovery and released several self-hypnosis audio programs.  You can learn more about her work with narcissistic abuse at

Kaleah actively councils clients dealing with narcissistic abuse, toxic relationship and self empowerment issues.  She uses her shamanic training combined with hypnotherapy to assist others in cutting psychic cords, soul retrieval, inner child healing and other techniques.
The Path Back to Self was launch in 2012 as Kaleah began taking people from victims of abuse to SELF empowerment.  
In late 2015 Kaleah moved from broadcasting to podcasting and launched her new podcasting Website ""  

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